Traffic Interruptions – A46 Laceby Roundabout and Laburnum Avenue

Traffic interruptions
A46 Laceby Roundabout To Cottagers Plot, Laceby, North East Lincolnshire
01 April — 11 April    
Delays likely HGV Diversion route  
Name: Diversion    
Location: A46 Laceby Roundabout To Cottagers Plot    
Description: Streetworks / Licence – Minor routine maintenance    
Responsibility for event: North East Lincolnshire    
Current status: Planned    
Laburnum Avenue, Waltham, North East Lincolnshire
27 March — 29 March    
Delays unlikely Some carriageway incursion  
Works location: 8    
Works description: Communication Pipe Repair…    
Responsibility for works: Anglian Water    
Current status: Advanced planning    
Works reference: AD03255996387    
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